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Mary Jane Kasliner was inspired to study feng shui shortly after she began her yoga practice in 1996. While studying with elite feng shui masters from around the world, she became fascinated with the connection between feng shui, yoga, and the world around us. Understanding this link, she believes, is the key to reaching our higher selves.

As human beings we are the microcosm of the Earthly Mother. She is in us and we are in her. The bones under our skin are likened to the mountains, for by them the body is strengthened, even as the earth is by rocks. We are also considered the microcosm of the Heavenly Father represented by the stars and the universe. This triplicity personifies itself in humans. When we acknowledge the awareness of SELF as the microcosm of the universe, we bridge the gap of consciousness.

Codes of Creation in Movement™ is a Trademark owned and invented by Mary Jane Kasliner. It is a practice and study based on the Five Platonic Solids. Everything is a vibration including asana. The form created  by the body in asana activates vibration frequency of these Platonic Solids. The individuality of each shape is apparent yet holds the wholeness of the One. When working with the frequency of the platonic solids in asana, you are engaging the geometric codes of creation.

Mary Jane is the author of 3 books and co-author of 6 books. She is also the author of 15 feng shui training programs, a Design Feng Shui program, and the inventor and owner of Codes of Creation in Movement™. She seeks to help others explore the vibrational relationship between yoga, heaven, and earth, so they may connect to their own divine consciousness daily.