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Thanks for stopping in! Here's my story. I love inspiring others to find their best self by enhancing their inner and outer landscape, through the practices of yoga and feng shui. I've been a practicing yogi for over 20 years, a nationally certified yoga teacher since 2008, and a feng shui consultant/teacher since 2002.  Prior to that, I was a practicing Respiratory Therapist and Dental Hygienist for the University of Medicine and Dentisty.

It was in 2005 when I opened my own company known as 5 Element Designs that now does business under the name of Body Space Alignment. In and around 2004, I started my feng shui school that focuses on traditonal compass methodology and landform.  My school, Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui achieved the highest standards set by the International Feng Shui Guild



Interesting Facts About Me:

  • I was a tomboy as a kid with 4 brothers who taught me how to play any sport
  • I loved my rock collection as a kid, and still love my stones today 
  • I drew a picture of my dream home in 8th grade from a photo in Architectural Digest
  • I love being on a swing and staring up at the sky
  • I loved rearranging our family room as a kid, and still love to rearrange rooms as an adult
  • Outdoor living is my idea of heaven on earth
  • I belonged to a star gazing group for years and used to take my daughter to star parties
  • I have a love / hate relationship with my golf game
  • I roll out my yoga mat anywhere, and I mean anywhere
  • I can't help myself from mentally rearranging any environment 


Educational Facts:

  • Certified Graduate ~ De Amicis School of Western Feng Shui - 12 parted system 
  • Certified Flying Star Method ~ New York School of Feng Shui with Roger Green
  • Advance Western Astrology ~ CCA School of Astrology with Professor Le Couteur
  • Advance 4 Pillars Certification ~ New York School with Yasha Jampolsky
  • Certification Key Concepts Feng Shui ~ Feng Shui Institute London with Alan Stirling
  • Accredited Feng Shui Consultant Graduate ~ Feng Shui Institute London with Alan Stirling
  • Flying Star Method - Feng Shui Institute London
  • 4 Pillars Method - Feng Shui Institute London
  • Advance I Ching - Feng Shui Institute London
  • 9 Star Ki - Feng Shui Institute London
  • Business Feng Shui - Feng Shui Institute London
  • Najia Method - Feng Shui Institute London
  • Ming Gua & Bazhai Method - Feng Shui Institute London
  • Dowsing & Earth Acupuncture - Feng Shui Institute London
  • Space Clearing- De Amicis School of Feng Shui
  • Author -  3 Books, Co-author - 6 books, DIY Feng Shui Design, 16 Feng Shui Training E - Programs 

Traditional Education & Yoga Training:

  • BS Degree - Health Science ~ Skidmore College
  • Associate Degree Applied Sciences - Dental Hygiene ~ Union College
  • Certified Respiratory Therapist - Saint Barnabas Medical ~ School of Respiratory Therapy
  • 200 hour Yoga Certification - Center for Health and Healing~ Yoga Alliance Certified
  • Personal Revolution - Yoga Bliss Certification 90 days Program
  • 30 Hr. TT Anusara Yoga
  • ERYT - YACEP - Yoga Alliance
  • Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Certified Chakra Therapy
  • 25 hr. TT Yin Yoga
  • 75 hr. Yin Yoga Teacher Certification
  • 25 hr. Bridge to Lotus

Affiliations - Accolades - Memebrships & Titles Held:

  • Red Ribbon Status ~ International Feng Shui Guild
  • IFSG Jersey Shore Chapter Director 2007-2009
  • Manchester's Who's Who
  • Member Off the Mat Into The world Seva Challenge Group Uganda Africa
  • Member International Feng Shui Association
  • Accredited Professional Feng Shui Network Association
  • Director Teaching Tortoise School of Feng Shui - Gold Level Member IFSG
  • Yoga Teacher - Thomson Park Lincroft, NJ
  • Yoga Teacher - Donation Yoga for the Community
  • Yoga Teacher - Hidden Meadows Ocean, NJ
  • Yoga Teacher - Substitute Inlet Yoga Manasquan, NJ
  • Inventor Trademark Owner Yoganometry - Codes of Creation in Movement
  • Guest host - Television Talk Show ~ One -on- One with Steve Adubato
  • Guest host - Television Talk Show "Lasting Lifestyles"
  • Professional Biographies Who's Who 2011

"I am not one who was born in the possession of knowledge I am one who is fond of antiquity, and earnest in seeking it there." ~Confucius