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Nature stimulates us. But how can we get this inspiration which we experience in nature into our living and working spaces. Feng Shui, considered the first "green" design, creates a living healthy environment through nature's diversity and magnitude of natural forms, materials, images and colors. Feng Shui integrates the laws of nature into living and working environments achieving a better quality of life. The effects are more creativity, improved health, harmony and overall success. These principles are based on thousands of years of observation and study handed down through the ages by Chinese sages. Many cultures however developed similar concepts in building healthy living environments.

The Analysis


A feng shui analysis is based on several points of reference that reflect key components of the laws of nature. First, the land and surrounding form is evaluated for its integrity and support. How the building is aligned according to sun's position or compass readings indicates the type of energy the it will absorb. The year the structure was built impacts the specific type of energy that becomes encapsulated into the structure and how that energy will hold up over time. Finally, the element components (5) in all, are placed according to their natural growth points. This coincides to the seasons and its cycles in nature.

Schools - Teaching Tortoise School


There are two major schools of feng shui. The oldest is known as Form School and is mainly concerned with how a dwelling fits into the surrounding landscape. Natural protective vegetation such as trees, mountains, rockery and water play a significant role in supporting a structure and creating a healthy foundation for it.

Compass School deals with the energy emitted by the 8 directions and how the dwelling accepts that energy. The compass school approach also evaluates the time factor or cycles of energy a structure will go through. Some periods will be beneficial while others will be stagnant.

The Elements of Life

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In Chinese philosophy there are 5 core elements that are considered to be the building blocks of all life, They are waterwoodfireearth and metal. These elements can be found in their natural state and have a flowing sequence that follows seasonal changes.

 Basic Overview

The Wood element represents an activating force filled with growth and potential. This element catapults new ideas and can motivate you to try new things. This element is associated with wood directions of east and southeast.

The Fire element is the most powerful element in Feng Shui and represents expansion and transformation. Representing the ultimate yang quality, fire is the ability to DARE in life, take risks and seek out what fuels the soul. This elements is associated with the fire direction of south.

The Earth element represents your support and stability in life. It is an energy that reminds us we live in the physical world where matter exists. It runs the axis line of the earth on the loshu points of Northeast, Center and Southwest.

The Metal element represents our mental faculties, creative juices and leadership qualities. Obviously these are powerful attributes for successful living. This element is associated with the yin directions of West and Northwest.

The Water element is the nurturer, the ability to become silent and discover wisdom. Its very qualities have a way of relaxing, soothing and nourishing our very essence. This element is associate with theultimate yin direction of North.

More 5 Element Details

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The trigrams correspond to the eight great manifestations of natural energy (thunder, wind, fire, earth, lake, heaven,water and mountain). They represent a universal chart that depicts the Universe and life. The eight trigrams are also known as the bagua and contain information about the universe, nature's cycles and human energy on a physical and emotional level.


Qian: Heaven - Patriarch

Kun: Earth - Matriarch

Zhen: Thunder - Eldest son

Xun: Wind - Eldest daughter

Li: Fire - Middle daughter

Kan: Water - Middle son

Gen: Mountain - Youngest son

Dui: Lake - Youngest daughter

These manifestations also map out the human life journey and become imprinted into every structure. The interacting energies play out in the occupants life based on the law of resonance. When the influence of time enters the equation, a more detailed analysis of these trigrams can be assessed in accordance to the occupants living in the structure.

More Trigram Details

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"If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation." ~Confucius