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We live in a time where remarkable opportunites are avilable to us. Knowing how to tap into these opportunities with positive energy is key. By tapping into this energy naturally we are able to improve well-being, bring harmony into areas of our life that may be lacking it, and reach our true goals in life. A large part of tapping into positive energy is taking into consideration our living and working environment. They play a significant role in shaping our destiny, reaching our goals and restoring balance into our lives.

Types of Feng Shui Consultations offered:

1. Residential:

An existing structure consultation takes a thorough audit of the home's feng shui. Birth data for the occupants are taken into consideration for the analysis process. A detailed audit of the property and structure is assessed so recommendations can be made to improve the feng shui to support family goals and future endeavors. Special attention is given to client focus areas for enhancement (i.e.: improve finances, life mission, family harmony, realtionships, etc.).

Pre-Purchase Real Estate:

This is the ideal time to request a feng shui audit. Using advance feng shui formulas it can be determined the type of energy within the strucuture and how it will fare over time. Some homes have a short range of earth qi (energy) while others have vibrant long lasting qi (energy). As part of the audit, the occupants birth data is taken into consideration for compatibility with the home in question. This assessment also includes a property evaluation for proper landform, vegetation and land health. Afterall, a strong foundation is the basis for a healthy building and vibrant energy.

Preconstruction Assessement:

This is undeniably the best time to request a feng shui audit. Working directly with the architect is a superior method. With this type of an audit, recommendations can be made for exact front door placement so a dynamic stream of energy can flow within the structure over time. Placement of bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms and other rooms can also be recommended based on direction and occupants personal energy. Furthermore, the type of natural materials (green design), paint colors and other furnishings are suggested to create flow of energy (sheng cycle) within the structure.

2. Business Consultation:

Studies have shown that when a work space is optimized productivity increases by 28%. A feng shui audit can increase the bottom line for the business. This type of feng shui audit takes into account different feng shui applications. Assessing the incoming traffic to site location, property, water flow, parking areas, signage, reception areas and office design are all part of the audit process. Positioning employees properly according to job responsibility is a powerful part of this assessment that adds to productivity. In addition, the CEO, president or partners are positioned within the power points of the structure. Additional power spots are located and opened up for increased finances. The audit also includes the assessment of inherent energy within the building and future energy trends. Other recommendations such as cubicle designs, natural materials, and EMF protection are also a part of this audit.

3. Xuani Kong Fei Xing - Time and Space Flying Star:

This type of feng shui audit takes into account that energy is always changing, moving from one phase to another, rising, peaking and decaying over time. This audit technique finds the best site in a specific period or to adapt an environment to take advantage of beneficial changes in energy. It takes into account the element of TIME. It is the time and space action that creates the dynamic of POWER. These audits can be done solely or in conjunction with other audit assessments. An original analysis of the structure or natal chart is drawn and impacting energy based on time (yearly and monthly) are infused into the chart so action can be taken to capitalize on good energy combinations and minimize stressful ones. Understand that many people can live in the same structure and experience a completely different life depending on the time they lived in the structure. This indicates the elemenet of time had an effect.

4. Four Pillars of Destiny - Bazi:

This feng shui assessment is one of the most accurate forms of astrology in the world today. Its major use is in the balancing of a client's life during a feng shui consultation. This form of feng shui can cure bad luck periods or negative influences and give support for all aspects of life including health. Full life readings are also an option audit for this method as well as annual and 10 year cyle patterns. This technique can also be applied to the 4 pillars of opening a business. Annual forecasts for company growth potential and specific department focus for financial gain and expansion can be assessed through this system.

5. House Selection:

Looking for the right home can be an overwhelming process. Perhaps you have it narrowed down to a few homes but can't decide which one will bode best for you and your family. The house selection consultation can range from a full feng shui assessment to a comparison between homes based on land topography, Bazhai method, and time and space flying star. This is not a full assessment of the house's feng shui but rather a narrowing down of best property choice between homes selected for possible purchase. 

6. Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture:

Dowsing, an age-old technique, is used to locate any form of disturbance in the natural telluric energies of the earth. Problematic geopathic lines consist of polluted underground streams, crossing leys, specific global grids, fault lines and interference zones. These irregular vibrations increase the earth's frequency waves from 7.83 HZ cycle/second to over 250 HZ cycles/second. Correcting these lines at exact grid points through earth acupuncture techniques, restores the earth's telluric wave frequency back to proper pulsation. This is essential for healthy cellular function as long term exposure to high frequencies results in disease including cancers.

7. Space Clearing:

Space Clearing and purification techniques are wonderful enhancers to the practice of Feng Shui. It is a specialized branch of Feng Shui that acts as a catalyst to transform the energy level within your environment. This assessment should be done for the following situations:


  • Building a new home.
  • Purchasing or renting from a previous owner.
  • To clear out old or recurring problems in your life, and open up new possibilities.
  • To help you manifest what you want in your life (more prosperity, a new relationship, etc.).
  • To assist the healing process of anyone living in your home who is ill or to bring in healthy energy after someone has passed.
  • After a divorce or separation.
  • To increase your vitality.


8. Land Clearings:

There are many situations when we break into Mother Earth be it landscaping or digging to pour a new foundation. A land clearing is a way to show respect to the earth before digging into Her. There are various types of land ceremonies that take into consideration the power of the land. It is also a beautiful way to honor and acknowledge mother nature for the bounty She provides. It is up to the client the type of ceremony they would like to experience. Whether it is a simple clearing with herbs, berries, seeds and flowers given to the earth as a form of nourishment or putting a special gift together comprised of different foods and drink with a short meditation. Afterwards the present gift can be burned or buried. Rock formations and stone circles are other examples of land ceremonies available. It is suggested all those who attend bring something special that they will bury in the land as a sign of reverence.

Making an Appointment:

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