The Conscious Alignment of Energy  

mj.3 resizedWelcome and thanks for visiting my website! My name is Mary Jane, or better known as Feng Shui Yoga Girl. My company, Body Space Alignment, considers the WHOLE perspective to a healthy, balanced, and prosperous way of life  through the age-old principles of Feng Shui and Yoga.

Yoga is what empowers the mind and body and provides a foundation to self knowledge. Feng Shui empowers the space and surrounding land. Both practices unveil the true nature in a visible and unseen level. Pretty cool stuff!

I believe the search for happiness is not so much a striving to acquire something that exists outside of us, or our space, but rather what exists inside. Through the art of yoga we seek to reveal our own deepest nature while through the art and science of feng shui we reveal the deepest nature of the physical structure.

In choosing to elevate your personal energy frequency through these age-old practices you make a choice to live at your highest potential. This is our God given right. I am here to assist you in the process.

Mission Statement

As a small business owner, I realize my company is part of the Whole when it comes to businesses in America. I recognize and understand my company's role in society to achieve peace, harmony and abundance for all, while providing the highest quality of service for my clients so they may fulfill their life's mission. For me, it's all about improving the world one structure and person at a time!

Service Areas:

Body Space Alignment services the local communities of Monmouth, Ocean, Union and Middlesex counties. BSA also provides services for the tri-state area (New Jersey, New York and Connecticut). National and International inquirers are welcomed.

Many Blessings!

Mary Jane Kasliner~ Certified Feng Shui Professional & Nationally Registered Yoga Teacher

"All things come out of the One and the One out of all things."  ~Heraclitus